About Us

Arkose Petroleum

Formed in 2015, Arkose began acquiring mineral and royalty interests primarily in the Eastern Midland Basin. Since that time, Arkose has expanded its focus to acquire mineral and royalty interests throughout the entire Permian Basin. Our team conducts title searches, provides valuations, prepares paperwork and quickly funds and completes transactions.


Prior to forming Arkose, the management team began their relationship while working at Big Star Oil & Gas, a local independent oil and gas operating and production company.  Big Star aggregated a sizeable leasehold position, primarily in Howard County and in 2016 successfully marketed and sold its position to Callon Petroleum.  After the sale to Callon in mid-2016, Arkose Management, LLC was co-founded by Jared Atchison, Ross Roach and Kathy Myers for the purpose of acquiring mineral and royalty interests in the Permian Basin.

Our Team

Jared Atchison

Managing Partner

Jared joined Big Star’s land department in 2011 and was promoted to Land Manager in 2013.  As Land Manager, Jared was responsible for directing all functions of the land department, including title research, leasing and negotiations, contract prep, coordinating with title attorneys, drilling prep, curing title defects, issuing division orders, revenue disbursement and a broad range of other various land related tasks.  Jared received his Bachelor of Business Administration in Business Management from University of Texas Permian Basin in 2008.  Jared is a native to West Texas, growing up in Monahans and then moving to Midland in 2005.  Jared and his wife Meghan have two sons, a six-year-old named Jake and a two-year-old named Carter.

Ross Roach

VP Business Development
Managing Partner

Ross is a co-founder of Arkose and has served as a managing partner since its inception in 2015. Prior to forming Arkose, Ross served as a land man for Big Star Oil & Gas, an independent operator in the Permian Basin. During his time with Big Star his responsibilities included leasing, negotiations and title research.  Additionally, Ross was responsible for all surface related land functions, including negotiating surface use agreements and land owner relations. Prior to Big Star, Ross was a golf professional at Midland Country Club. Both Ross and his wife Morghan are natives of Midland. Together they have a one-year-old daughter named Pailynn. Ross enjoys spending time with his family, fishing and playing golf.

Kathy L. Myers

VP Accounting
Managing Partner

Kathy joined Big Star in 2006, shortly after inception, as the Controller/Vice President Accounting with management responsibility over accounting, revenue, production, human resources, regulatory, procedures and IT functions.  Prior to joining Big Star, Kathy served as Vice President of Operations for a company which provided financial services to hospitals, where she supervised over 100 staff members across five states.  Kathy began her career in 1994 with the State of Texas.  Kathy is the happy wife of Byron Myers, High School Principal of Midland Christian Schools.  Together they have three joy filled and faithful children, two of which are attending Lubbock Christian University.

Calvin Smiley

VP Geology
Managing Partner

Calvin joined Big Star as Geologist in 2012, and continued in that capacity until the sale to Callon during 2016.  At that time Calvin began working with Sequitur Energy Resources as a geologist actively developing the company’s Permian Basin assets. His responsibilities for Big Star and Sequitur included supervising day to day geologic drilling operations, subsurface mapping and formation interpretation, creating geologic prognosis for drilling, designing spacing models for horizontal drilling, assessing and analyzing logs, lithologic characteristics and formation markers in the Midland Basin. Calvin holds BS and MS degrees in Geology from the University of Texas of the Permian Basin. Calvin lives in Midland with his wife, Meghan. They enjoy spending their time together as active members of the shooting community.